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Ultime Apps is all-in-one software suite to run your entire organization. All applications are fully-featured, enterprise editions, giving you everything you need to run and grow your organization, do your accounting and payroll, Human Resource Management, Manage all your documents Electronically, Workflows , Manage your church and attendance , communicate with customers and much more.

Key Modules Of The System Are:

  • Human Resource Management System (HRM)
  • Accounting and Payroll Management System
  • Point of Sale & Inventory Management System

  • Document Management System
  • Workflow Management System
  • Church Management System

We Are The Backbone For Businesses


We have different Modules you can choose from. Kindly Select the Module(s) you want.

HR & Payroll Software

Our Cloud Based ULTIME HRM AND PAYROLL APPLICATION offers a flexible and functional one-click, automated payroll process. Designed by professionals with many years of experience in Payroll Services, our application delivers access to all of your payroll data, resulting in efficient and accurate processing.

Point of Sales & Inventory Management System

Our point of Sales Management System Module Help you keep records of all your Sales and Inventory, we are unique because, our system are cloud based and Mobile support, you can view all your sales and inventory in any part of the world with just tapping the ultmimeapps icon on your device.

Church Management System

So far the best Church Management System in the world, Manage your membership and Finance with just a click.

Accounting for formal and informal sectors

Accounting made very simple, dont worry if you are non accountant, our system is very self explanatory, no use of accounting Jagons. you can just manage all your accounts easily.

Our Unique Features

  • Cloud Based
  • Desktop and Mobile App Version
  • Support Offline
  • User friendly
  • Non Professionals can use without Hustle.
  • Secured
  • Supports All Operating Systems

Our Clients

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